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Recruiting agents at home and abroad the scene:

Recruiting agents at home and abroad the scene:


1, the main agent of product batch stock: SX-600 type the supersonic electric arc such as it, model (export-oriented fixed type)


2, the introduction of the main agent of thermal spraying project:

power plant CFB water wall, superheater and reheater economizer wear resistance and corrosion resistance coating construction.

pulverized coal fired boiler heating tube thermal spraying high temperature resisting four corrosion-resistant coating construction.


power plant green engineering desulfurization flue thermal spraying coating corrosion resistance to SO2 construction, desulfurization tower engineering

3 ,× % commission, agency business

The boiler corrosion prevent grind spraying turned the full-time and part-time salesman and agents partners


The power plant boiler engineers, maintenance planning department want to further help power plant a part-time business win-win cooperation.


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