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Ball valve spraying ceramic

Ball valve spraying ceramic

Plasma spraying function processing:

Plasma spraying function processing: 1, industry - spraying high performance ceramic coating, coating materials include alumina and chromium oxide, titanium oxide, carbide, etc.

2, the medical profession - plasma spraying hydroxyapatite coating - titanium implant abutment structure performance of this product by TC4 titanium alloy matrix and hydroxyapatite coating composition. Product application: used for permanent in oral repair plant root. Pharmaceutical industry standard

Plasma thermal spraying in the national economy the application fields

Machinery manufacturing, mechanical and electrical, aerospace, energy water power, mining metallurgy, petroleum chemical industry, municipal construction, large steel structure, and pigment printing, paper making, printing press roller, medicine, building automobile coating target material, and other machinery and equipment thermal spraying processing fine grinding mirror polishing, restore size repair corrosion wear protection coating layer, site construction.

Each function coating

The company processing coating type:

A, resistant to wear A thermal spraying technology application's largest fields, this kind of coating mainly for:

(1) resistance to adhesive wear or scratches special one typical coating for cobalt base tungsten carbide, chromium carbide/nickel chromium coating.

(2) wear particle wear a special typical coating for cobalt base alloy, from fusion gold mixed molybdenum, chrome oxide coating.

(3) resistance to fretting a special typical coating for alumina/titanium dioxide coating.

(4) resistant to cavitation erosion wear a special typical coating for aluminum bronze coating.

(5) resistance to erosion wear a special typical coating for alumina/titanium dioxide, alumina coating.

B, resistance to high temperature and oxidation a this kind of coating resistance to chemical or physical decomposition, improve the parts of high temperature performance, this kind of coating mainly for:

(1) thermal barrier coating a typical coating for yttrium oxide do stabilizing treatment of zirconia coating.

(2) resistance to high temperature oxidation coating a typical coating for nickel/chromium coating.

(3) heat resisting corrosion coating a typical coating for nickel/chromium coating.

C, anticorrosion coating a coating system for: spraying layer + sealing material.

D, conductive coating or insulation coating by this kind of coating and divide it is the following kinds:

(1) conductive coating a namely copper coating.

(2) insulation coating a alumina coating.

(3) shielding coating a resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI) or high frequency interference (RFI) that copper coating.

E, restore size coating a this kind of coating is mainly used to repair for wear or processing out-of-tolerance parts, on the coating material and choice depends on the components of the use requirement.

F, clearance control coating a this kind of coating provide close seal clearance, improve equipment performance and operation efficiency, and mating part contact,

Coating priority controlled wear, the typical coating for nickel/graphite, polyester aluminum mixture, aluminum/graphite coating.


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