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Automatic sandblasting equipment

Automatic sandblasting equipment

SX ~ R automatic sandblasting equipment technology is introduced

A properties:

· small volume light weight, convenient to move. · PLC automatic rotor counter blowing.

· the operation is simple, easy maintenance. · material level alarm indication, built-in water filter.

DRH series environmental protection automatic cycle recovery type sandblasting machine according to the recovery abrasive power not divided into electric and full pneumatic two series.

Electric series through the vacuum pump produce negative pressure, recycling sand material and dust, and inside the device automatically sand dust separation, the processed

Complete sand continue to recycle, in the whole working process of sand, back to the sand, sand dust separation, sand material circulation, dust filter

All action be done automatically, work environment free from contamination.

Full pneumatic series of recovery power is through the unique vacuum generator produces negative pressure, recycling sand material and dust. Because all mining

Use pneumatic principle of work, the whole device no electrical heating elements, especially suitable for electricity not convenient or explosion, prevent leakage

Requirements of the occasion construction. And, equipment basic no fault, stable performance is very good.

B performance characteristics and applicable scope:

· automatic recovery, cycle: set surface treatment, abrasive separation recycling, environmental protection at an organic whole, realized the automation of sand blasting process.

· sand material, dust angstrom 100% automatic recovery: work site no pollution, no field cleaning soot; Operators need not wear protective clothing work.

· automatic feeding: when the system through air, sand tank velvet makings, only will feed tube into sand, press the feed button automatic feeding.

· scope of work: the longest part model can be up to 50 meters, especially for ship, oil tank, barrel, Bridges and other large structure workpiece processing.

· great applicability: by changing use different nozzle and JuanXing guard brush, for different shapes (plane, internal and external angles, arc surface), each

Kind of metal material of workpiece sandblasting.

· - machine multi-purpose: at the same time have open sandblasting machine, suction sand machine various function, can separate enable any - function. Especially when work

Work is arduous, can enable open sand machine, restart recovery system, can become automatic continuous sand machine, can work continuously

Exempt from stop artificial sand and sand soot cleaning process, greatly improving the work efficiency. Surface treatment level can reach summit sa3 level.

· the operation is simple, maintenance is simple: imported pneumatic element control, equipment all action are be done automatically, can work only one.


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