Continues the engineering example
+ power plant boiler corrosion prevent grind thermal spray coating construction
+ CFB water wall superheater erosion abrasion resistance coating
+ CFB reheater economizer wear corrosion coating
+ pulverized coal boiler tube corrosion spraying wear-resisting four alloy
+ desulfurized flue thermal spraying of SO2 corrosion
+ turbine casing thermal spraying repair
+ their impeller air preheater field construction
+ VOITH paper production line spraying construction unit cylinder
+ HongGang paper crushed spraying stainless steel alloy
+ steam ball inside and outside wall on-site spraying stainless steel alloy
+ steel works, the flue spraying smoke hoods of converter
+ petrochemical storage tanks spraying aluminum alloy corrosion
+ refining tower spraying ceramic, stainless steel aluminum alloy
+ TV tower steel structure of spraying zinc corrosion spraying aluminum
+ printer repair roller accuracy
+ supersonic HVOF flame layer
+ plasma fast die making coating
+ power large area arc spraying high layer
+ car glass coating target material coating
+ brush gold-plated fast repair perfect technology of
+ foreign power plant flue gas desulfurization tower construction
+ new product flame spray Plastics equipment
Product sales is an example
+ export-oriented; Fixed type spraying equipment
+ high speed arc spraying equipment
+ supersonic HVOF flame spraying equipment
+ plasma spraying equipment
+ high-efficient powerful spraying equipment
+ automatic control power spraying equipment
+ development introducing and retrofit spraying equipment
+ Auto machine hand
+ anticorrosive prevent grind special silk material series 22 varieties
+ different function of the powder core, solid core silk material
+ other high temperature anti-wear lining materials, ceramic pieces
+ coating target material
+ electrobruch plating series equipment
+ construction equipment for rent
+ innovation type 800 improved it equipment
+ new products high power flame plastic injection
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