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Enterprise advantages and introduction:

Guangzhou sanxin metal technology Co., LTD. Was established in 1986, the specialty is engaged in the surface engineering technology research, development and application, the introduction of American TAFA company advanced surface engineering technology and process, manufacturing and sales supersonic flame, the supersonic electric arc, plasma spraying equipment and the five series 22 varieties different function of spray materials. With the domestic leading supersonic flame, plasma, the supersonic electric arc three spraying technology, the supersonic spraying, the United States PRAXAIR Miller plasma equipment to undertake thermal spraying processing, undertake large scale surface spraying engineering and mechanical remanufacturing processing, long-term commitment to CFB boiler prevent grind corrosion spraying project construction, through the comprehensive application can provide high quality prevent grind anti-corrosion coating.

Development process

Guangzhou sanxin metal technology Co., LTD. Is in the original guangzhou samsung thermal spraying factory was established based on high-tech enterprise, subordinates, guangzhou samsung thermal spraying plant, zhuzhou samsung thermal spraying factory, liuzhou office, the office of wuhan, Shanghai chaobor spraying machinery corporation.Hong Kong sanxin metal technology co., LTD It is a group member of China surface engineering association, the national thermal spraying the members, has the thermal spraying project construction level of qualification, and ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification,


Main business:

 (thermal spraying equipment manufacturing production, thermal spraying products processing, thermal spraying engineering field construction, agent the United States imported thermal spraying equipment, gun series)


A,Professional thermal spraying, power plant boiler prevent grind brand thermal spraying, spray, stainless steel, thermal spray spraying zinc, aluminum heat blast cleaned, plastic spraying, plasma spraying high performance ceramic coatings, alumina, chrome oxide, titanium oxide, hard alloy, Seattle flame thermal spray coating metal ceramics, tungsten carbide, nickel chrome carbide, chromium, nickel chrome alloy etc, construction glass and car coating target material spraying. Special long-term anticorrosion coating. The United States PRAXAIR Seattle spraying, the United States Miller plasma equipment to undertake thermal spraying coating products in machining process has the ability of pieces.


B,Manufacturing and sales:   supply domestic leading plasma spraying equipment, (industrial plasma spraying equipment, environmental protection vacuum plasma spraying equipment, spray coating harrow wood plasma equipment, medical profession practical plasma equipment spraying hydroxyapatite coating - titanium base dental implants, spraying gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, titanium metal vacuum plasma equipment,) supersonic flame (HVOF), (gas, aviation oil spraying equipment series), the supersonic electric arc spraying equipment (spray iron machine, spraying zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, stainless steel alloy spray, spray copper lead molybdenum, spray babbitt, high-frequency welded pipe of spraying zinc machine, automobile condenser aluminum belt spraying zinc machine with new type of super fine paint spray gun), automatic, high power much gun arc thermal spraying equipment series, (export-oriented, fixed type) high power flame spray molding machine, industrial chillers, brush degree equipment, spraying room equipment (automatic sand, box enclosed sand, open sand blasting equipment, sand clothing, wire feed barring, two axis spraying manipulator, sound insulation spraying room, spraying rotating table and spraying tooling, pulse inverse blow filter type precipitator, screw air compressor, exhaust fan, filters, gas storage, drying machine) thermal spraying production line equipment design and manufacturing turnkey projects and five major series and a variety of different function of the arc spraying powder silk material and solid silk material series spraying material, every year are sold to foreign popular in Europe, southeast Asia area have, Britain, manganese William gallas, South Korea, Iran, Yugoslavia, Peru, Italy and other countries. Industry and trade integration



C, acting sales of the United States imported equipment including: plasma spraying equipment, supersonic HVOF flame spraying equipment, electric arc spraying equipment and various series gun


D, turnkey projects especially recommend and introduce: (thermal spraying equipment production line engineering)

We can for the customer the product degrees body design automatic spraying production line, monolithic thermal spraying room, live online spraying equipment turnkey projects, BaoShi process design, site layout, special equipment development, convulsions dust removal system, automatic spraying system, automatic sand system, monitoring system, professional and technical personnel training, after-sale technical support and maintenance services.

· harrow material spraying production line and system powder system

· automatic spraying zinc aluminum production line

· cooker permeability thermal coating spraying production line

· high frequency welded pipe of spraying zinc system

· car condenser aluminium strip of spraying zinc system

· high power much gun arc thermal spraying system

· automatic production line power efficient thermal spraying system

· nuclear industry with supersonic flame plasma system mould surface treatment system

· paper dryer online spraying system

· power plant boiler online spraying system

· thermal spraying processing shelter

· multidimensional manipulator automatic spraying system

· complex many gun automatic spraying system

E all kinds of function of thermal spray coating processing:

(thermal spraying the application fields in the national economy)

(using the supersonic electric arc, the supersonic HVOF flame, plasma anticorrosive prevent grind thermal spray coating processing, thermal spraying zinc aluminum, plastic spraying, spray coating processing)


· machinery manufacturing, aerospace, energy, water power, mining metallurgy, petroleum chemical industry, municipal construction, large steel structure,Plastic spraying, thermal spraying zinc spray aluminum, dye printing, paper making, printing press roller, car, and other machinery and equipment thermal spraying processing fine grinding mirror Polishing, restore size repair anticorrosive prevent grind protection spray coating, construction site.


F, professional construction of thermal spray coating

(thermal spraying in power application in industry)

Suitable for:


1, the power plant boiler water wall tube, superheater and reheater tube, pipe, the section coal (or oil) tube, hereinafter referred to as the "four tube boiler" spraying anticorrosive wearing coatings;

2, the steam turbine power cylinder head joint surface spray leakage repair; Generator rotor shaft neck wear, a brush plating, thermal spraying repair

3, the power plant and exhaust air suction impeller and mill system spray welding repair and surface strengthened; In turbine cylinder surface of cavitation in hot points spraying, brush coast repair

4, hydropower station turbine flow parts in the shell, the reduced pressure pipe, wheel, drainage, lead YeHuan, cover such as cavitation erosion resistance shell spray welding layer;

5, diesel generator after repair of the crankshaft wear; All kinds of fan impeller, all kinds of electric machinery equipment wear and corrosion in the repair and surface strengthening

6, wind power base of coating.

7, desulfurized flue thermal spraying coating corrosion resistance to SO2 construction, desulfurization tower green engineering construction.


Work can wear particle attrition coating

Heat resistant erosion coating

Corrosion proof coating

Corrosion resistance coating

Spray materials: metal ceramics, alloy, oxide ceramic coatings, 45 CT high cr-ni aluminum coating and chromium iron.

Spraying method: high speed, high flame spray arc spraying, plasma spraying, etc.

Examples of application: "the four tube" (water-wall tubes, overheating organ, preheater pipe gas canisters and province), boiler exhaust fan blades, coal mill system sealing rings, hydraulic piston,The turbine blades, lead water leaves, sea water pump impeller, turbine runner, their impeller, etc.


                               Industry and trade integration



Guangzhou sanxin metal technology Co., LTD.

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Mechanical and electrical integration, surface engineering research institute engineers, China surface engineering association thermal spraying professional committee of senior members, guangzhou sanxin technology legal representative, two generations of the family through professional experience. performs


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MBA management master degree



French master NBA, heavy machinery design office. Huaneng power international development company. Guangzhou pearl river power engineering company (in zhujiang power plant), guangzhou sanxin metal technology at home and abroad for the thermal spraying the surface engineering construction business, sales thermal spraying equipment, and with into when.


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