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research concept


Further widely applied the significance of thermal spraying technology

According to concerning sectional statistic countries all over the world, developed countries each year due to wear and corrosion damage from the national economic output value accounts for about 10% (one of them wear, the corrosion of 5%. The data indicates that in 1976 the national bureau announced that the 1975 national corrosion loss of $70 billion, equivalent to the national economic output by 4%, wear fracture loss is expected to $140 billion a year. Britain: in 1971, the British Isles wear only 13.65 pounds. Switzerland: 1969 to two million cars only statistics, loss of 500 million kronor. China: 1981 is 100-15 billion yuan corrosion RMB, 1980 years to ten largest chemical enterprise statistics, corrosion direct economic loss of 3.97%. Coal department each year for 1.7 billion yuan wear corrosion (among them wear 800 million yuan, corrosion is 900 million yuan). Metallurgical department 1989 statistics, because wear corrosion to create the loss, at present the thermal spraying technology save accounts for only of the value and can save 6.9%.


research and development team


1. The national thermal spraying group

2. Dr. The company has eight, senior engineer 13, all kinds of professional engineers more than 30, according to CFB boiler wear corrosion mechanism, the research and development of special spray materials, paint spraying equipment and modern technology



research direction

and Catch up ages

product high-tech equipment

high quality multifunctional material

solve the difficult problem of modern anti-wear anticorrosion technology

power plant green Take off sulphur engineering  desulfurization  project  progress




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