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Cooker permeability thermal coating spraying production line

Cooker permeability thermal coating spraying production line

Applied in stainless steel kettle, aluminum pot, violet arenaceous kettle, ceramic POTS, replace stainless steel, iron sandwich composite material.

Cooker permeability thermal coating and the traditional stainless steel sandwich comparison



New composite material cooker

Traditional stainless steel sandwich cooking utensils

Structure (from outside to inside)


Carbon structure + 6 cr19ni10 (food grade stainless steel) metallurgy composite

Carbon steel POTS + 17 cr - 18 ni - 2 cu (stainless steel shell) + AL (layer) + 6 cr19ni10 (food grade stainless steel

Thermal conductivity

New composite materials thermal conductivity is the traditional three times the stainless steel

Thermal uniformity


When heating temperature uniformity conduction to pan around the body

Heat concentrated in POTS


Heat transfer efficiency (to new composite materials for the standard)


70% (by multi-layer transfer, thermal efficiency is lower)

Guide magnetic

Outer overall permeability

Only carbon steel POTS on permeability



Applicable induction cooker and traditional heat source heating

Applicable induction cooker and traditional heat source heating

Appearance performance


Can match the clock color paint layer and release, high wear-resisting and so on all kinds of coating, and can do enamel appearance

Metal primary


Conclusion: the cooker single is made of stainless steel plate making of cooking utensils, thin layers, thermal insulation, easy to paste pot, the disadvantages of insufficient strength, at the same time, rapid heating, heating uniformity, but also the high efficiency, energy saving, cooking fast advantages.


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