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1SX-80 Plasma spray equipment

( the ion spray to process: spray high performance porcelain and ceramics coatings of , coatings 's material include to oxidize aluminum, oxidize chrome, oxidize titanium, hard quality metal alloy etc..  

2SX-5000 Flame spray equipment

(Spray process: spray coatings 's metal alloy, metals porcelain and ceramics coatings, coatings 's material include carbonization Wu, Nie chrome carbonization chrome, Nie chrome metal alloy...etc..)



3SX-6018 Flame spray Plastics equipment

The big power flames spray the  Plastics  PE PP PP PVC PS EPS ABS EVA 聚乙烯(PE)聚丙烯(PP)氯乙烯(PVC)、聚苯乙烯(PS)及丙烯青丁二烯苯乙烯共聚合物(ABS


4 Pull Type Arc Spray System

SX-400W  Use diameter 2.0mm Arc Spray Wires spray zinc or aluminum or Stainless steel  coatings to prevent corrosion, Including boiler water wall panels


5  Push Type Arc Spray System

 SX-600W  use diameter 2.0-3.0mm Arc Spray Wires spray zinc or aluminum or Stainless steelcoatings to prevent corrosion, Including boiler water wall panels

6Arc spray wires

SX-801 high hardness, high wear-resisting, it is fit for CFB boiler

7Arc spray wires

SX-601   high anti-corrosion and abrasion,  it is fit for anti-oxidation and corrosion on boiler  pipes


Service item

SANXIN Technologies provides

1、         in-house application of thermal spray coatings

Architectural and automotive glass coating Chromium target  Auto body steel structure Indoor steel structure steel structure surface coating steel bridge and steel buildings



2on-site application of thermal spray coatings

Desulfurization flue Heating surface of pulverized coal-fired boiler Heating surface of CFBB


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